Monday, March 10, 2008


To all of the people who drive autos, trucks, and vans with incorrect marker plates and to those of us that are tired of so many business 's cheating the State of Ct. by non conforming registration practices.
Maybe the rest of the population would not have to pay such high registration if companys would register their vehicles as commercial vehicles.
Any vehicle that advertises their business on their vehicle is a commercial vehicle. Comercial market plates cost more, and the co needs to have commercial insurance. If these co's vehicles have an accident and do not have commercial insurance, their insurance company won't pay.
So, keep your eyes open and see how many people are out there scamming DMV and raising your fees.
Plumbing co's.-Electricians-public utility cos.-auto parts co.s-security co.s-maid services-floral delivery vans- all service co.s. You get the idea.
The State decided a while ago to clamp down on drivers that live in Ct. but register their vehicles in other states. The practice of illigal use of marker plates is just as important.